Data Policy & Terms and Conditions

Data Policy

At Impress Training, we understand that your privacy is important and we endeavor to protect your personal information such as your name; mailing address; email address; telephone number; or other personal information supplied by you/your company or collected about you as required by us. We hope that this Policy helps you to understand how we handle and use any personal data after collection.

  • We shall only process, use or disclose trainee personal data strictly for the purposes of Course Registration and Government Funding submission.
  • We compile this information for internal business and administrative purposes which includes improving our product and service offerings, and enhancing our customer services.
  • We will use your personal data (Email address) from time to time to send you notices about new courses, new features, and other similar information.
  • We will not reveal customer information to any external organisation.
  • Unless required by applicable laws, we will not sell, transfer, trade, rent or make public any of the information that you have provided.

For enquiries on data privacy, please contact us at 6636 9772 or email:

Full Terms and Conditions

Registration and Payment

A place will be reserved for you upon receipt of your registration. Please send your payment to confirm your seat for In-Class or Virtual courses. All cheques/bank drafts must be made payable to ‘Impress Training Pte Ltd’ crossed and marked ‘A/C payee only’ with the course title(s) indicated on the back of the cheques.

For Individual registration of Full Online courses, these can be done directly from Full terms and condition for Online course can read at this website before payment is made. For corporate enquires and enrollment of batches, please contact us directly.

Withdrawal/Cancellation /Postponement/ Technical (Refund of fees)

Applicable to In-Class and Virtual-Live Courses only

  • Full Fee will be charged for withdrawals 1 day beforecommencement of workshop
  • If notice of withdrawal is given in writing 14 days beforecommencement of workshop, no cancellation fee will be levied.
  • For notice of withdrawal in writing less than 14 days beforecommencement of workshop, 30% cancellation fee will be levied.
  • Replacements from the same company are allowed.

Applicable to Full Online Course only

  • After payment has been made – No refund will be provided.


If you fail to attend the In-Class or Virtual course on which you are booked and have not given prior notice to us, then the course fee will remain payable in full.

Virtual Classes will be Locked (within Zoom) for security purposes and attendees are reminded to register in advanced of the schedule date. In addition, to sign-in at least 20-30 minutes earlier on the scheduled date for final authentication.


Impress Training Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel in-class, virtual, or take offline the online courses (either temporarily or for good) due to unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, in the event of security breaches, or maintenance, system upgrades performed by Thinkific Labs Inc. (“Thinkific”) or Zoom Inc. They provide us with the course platforms for the Online and Virtual delivery. Impress Training can not be held accountable, or liable for any damage, loss or disruption caused by external Third-party platforms.

In the event of an In-Class course being cancelled, a refund of the course fee will be made but no compensation will be paid for any additional costs incurred.

In the event of a Virtual course being cancelled due to technical issues determined to be at Impress Training, an offer to reschedule the class first will be made. If refused, a refund of the course fee will be determined by the extent of the disruption:

  • A Course that was unable to start: A full refund will be provided.
  • A Course that was unable to delivery either a morning or afternoon session: A 40% refund will be provided.
  • A Course suffering major intermittent disruption of 30 minutes or more and at least three times throughout the day: A 20% refund will be provided.
  • Intermittent connection issues beyond the control of Impress Training will not be entitled to refunds.
  • If the disruption is caused by a resulting fault determined to be the domain of an Internet Service Provider, then the extent of the disruption must be determined. If only certain areas are affected and Impress Training has still discharged its contractual duties with respect to delivering the course for those unaffected. Then only a rescheduled course date(s) will be offered to those affected.
  • If an individual, and/or company is unable to participate due to resulting technical issues (hardware/ software) on their side. No refund will be issued. We strongly advise before signing that you have read through the terms and conditions and read through the provided eGuides detailing the technical requirements. Once signed, it is deemed that you have understood and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Impress Training Pte Ltd will endeavour to make all reasonable notification to affected Learners and companies.

Use of Materials

Impress Training Pte Ltd authorizes each Learner to view and download one copy of allowable Material(s). Learners can make modifications to the Downloadable Exercises only. Learners may not modify the Materials on this Site in any way or reproduce, share, broadcast or distribute them. Learners will keep all Materials confidential, and will not sell, auction, loan, rent, give away, describe, summarize, or otherwise reveal the Materials or their contents, to any other person or entity through digital, print, social media or internal company websites. For Organisations that group or batch purchase a course for several Learners. Any breach of these Terms of Use automatically terminates your authorised use of the Site, and compensation will be sought legally to recover loss of fees.