PowerPoint Design For Business Presentations: In-Class Edition

About the course

*Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

Mastering presentation messaging, structure and visualisation concepts is vital to delivering effective presentations – but at some point, you’ll need to design it in PowerPoint and put it all together. Andstill, so few of us have learned its full capabilities to create stunning and meaningful slides that make people go “how did you do that?!”.

Given the scale and diversity for the use of PowerPoint, it’s amazing how this tool is used in all types of roles and industries. From consulting data visualisation and business content, strategic diagrams and infographics, 3D modelling, to interactive eBooks and so on… Now in the virtual world, slides should be more visual, to-the-point and embrace both motion and multimedia.

In an all-new version of this best-selling course, we’ll train you to create highly engaging slides with rich business content. We’ll look at production and productivity best practices; whilst learning advanced functions to compose stunning visuals to compliment your compelling insights.

In-house courses will be based on the corporate template and brand style of the client. The course will provide 200+ free samples made up library elements designed specifically for the clients, before and after and other concepts suited for the client.

Who is this course for?

Anyone in business who does a presentation or uses PowerPoint to aid in their work.

This is an Intermediate-Advanced Level course. Participants must have a good working knowledge of the MS PowerPoint environment.

Course content

Day 1

PowerPoint Design Introduction

A brief glimpse into the world of PowerPoint with best practices such as Content Management, Platform Management and Brand Management. And look at the productivity and production issues faced putting together slides in a business environment

Visual Media Design

As business presentations become more visual, the use of image effects, or applying visuals more quickly has become paramount. Participants will learn a range of effects and how using combinations of these can create thrilling new visuals or keep them within the context of the organisations brand ethos.

For presenters or those just having working meetings, the ink and draw functions in PowerPoint better enable whiteboard functionality. In addition, the inclusion of screen recording allows for video tutorials or sharing of information to be more collaborative


2D & 3D Shape Design

The staple of most presentations is the employment of shapes to create diagrams, process charts, icons and models. Participants will learn how to use Merge Shape functionality to create distinctive styles based, in part, on their own brand guidelines – without any skills required for being a graphic designer. 3D models are a stunning feature to include when showing concepts to clients and management by incorporating them into images and video, or even just stand-alone models.

Participants will understand the concepts to producing more complex models and diagrams and demonstrate this by producing simple IT-network models, real-word objects and business diagrams.

Often overlooked in business because of misuse; animations correctly used, should be for simulations, demonstrations and controlling flow of information.

Day 2

Document Design: Templates, Layouts, Notes and Interactive.PDF

Many presentations often look thrown together without baring much resemblance to the organisations they represent. Whilst most companies already have a corporate template, many do not employ layouts to speed up their work and standardise the design based on established brand guidelines. Participants will learn to build templates, layouts and common information slides to make their work more productive. This includes providing alternatives to just printing slides as reports; instead, building proper notes pages and menu-based pdf documents.

Participants will come to learn the basic building blocks of a 1:Many or a 1:1 document and which design would be best employed to maximise the value to the audience; and the way in which that audience would view this information.

Lastly, when everything is about being mobile and touch – this gives the ability to host online presentations, work on collaborative documents.

Content Design: Assertion-Evidence, Infographics and Charts

Escaping from bullet-point heavy slides is still difficult even today if you haven’t been taught correctly to write content for presentation material (which is different from writing reports). Participants will learn a key methodology for producing content using the Assertion-Evidence model. These produce clearer messages (rather than title-labels) with supporting analysis.

Beyond this, participants will be provided guidelines to create business infographics and lastly; understanding charts.. Get a brief glimpse into the importance of selecting the right chart-type for the right data type. With examples of common chart and graphing issues.

Motion Design and Morph Animation

Often overlooked in business, but research proves that motion can be one of the most engaging ways to keep your audience’s attention – if it serves a purpose and executed correctly.

– Apply morph transitions in creative ways.
– Rig illustrations to move on joints.
– Apply basic animation tropes, e.g. data streams, Wi-Fi signals, and more.


Please read carefully...

This course will be running and taught based on the PC Windows software and not Mac versions. (All Laptops and materials will be provided)

*Important disclaimer for participants attending the 365 version:
Participants are encouraged to inquire which version they have at work to realise which features may, or may not, be present on their work-based application.

Look at the FILE tab and search for ACCOUNT. It will either highlight ‘PRODUCT ACTIVATED’ or ‘SUBSCRIPTION’. Product Activated applications are typically a one-time purchase license and will not carry the same updated features as the Subscription versions. Companies may vary in polices of software purchase depending on the suitability of products. Subscription versions tend to be continually updated

As an example of one the features not available in the Product Activated version is the Morph Transition. Impress Training will be using the 365 Subscription version for training purposes.

Mark James Normand

Mark James Normand

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The course has been extremely useful in building my understanding for Power BI. Will be handy for my day-to-day work.
Tan Kok Joo, Director
Mind-blowing professional training course that helped my team with techniques to structure/plan a good presentations before diving into it.
Valerie Lee, Head, Corporate Development
This training broaden my view on what value I can contribute to my company and the goals I need to set. Thank you.
Vony AgustianaKhristanti, Purchasing Officer
A great course that is well-structured and relevant to my work. Definitely opened my eyes to new and better ways of analysis data!
Crystal Lee, Marketing Manager
Relevant and insightful and know-how for engaging audience effectively. I like the pace of the course coupled with plenty of hands-on exercises
Daniel Ch’ng, Project Director
Great 2 days lesson to learn how to fully manipulate Powerpoint and see the application in a different light.
Melvin Kwong, Account Manager