Agile Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

About the course

Do you find the notion of ‘Problem Solving’ daunting?

Have you been to too many problem solving sessions that are overly rigorous, exhausting and unhelpful?

Now you can learn how to make Problem Solving practical, fun and fruitful.  Problem Solving and Critical Thinking are among the most essential skills of the Digital 21st Century.  They are key enablers to achieving Transformation, Innovation and Resilience.  Learn the agile way to solve problems quickly, by engaging the right people at the right time and in the right way.  Rapidly formed, cross-functional problem solving teams utilising Critical Thinking will work together expeditiously on crucial issues that are preventing them from doing their jobs efficiently and effectively for their organisation and its customers.

Embracing Agile Problem Solving will help your organisation achieve rapid, sustainable performance improvement in whatever you do.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed broadly at staff and professionals who are proactive in nature and wish to be on the leading edge of their personal and organisational journeys towards Excellence in the Digital Age.  They will leave this course equipped and energised to bring positive, rapid change and improvement to any organisation, whether in the private sector or the public sector.

Course content

AM Session

2 Essential Skills to Develop: Practical Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Learn about these 2 Core Competencies and discover why they are so essential to all of us in the new digital age.

– Brief overview of Practical Problem Solving
– Practicing Structured Routines to quickly learn, improve and grow
– Overview of the ‘4 Types of Problem Solving’
– Critical Thinking as a key enabler for better Decision Making

Introduction to the Agile Problem Solving Process

Discover how to use a simple, flexible, practical and collaborative framework to do great Problem Solving

– Use a Brief overview of ‘Agile Thinking’ and ‘A3 Thinking’
– Introduction to the Agile Problem Solving Canvas
– The Divergence-Convergence method of analysis and ideation
– Team Simulation Game to practice the Agile Problem Solving routine
– The Art and Science of making a great Problem Statement

PM Session

The Power of Great Analysis

Great problem solving requires great analysis. Learn how to apply Critical Thinking to get to the crux of the issue at hand

– How to performing a Current State Problem Analysis
– The danger of Jumping to Conclusions (and how to avoid)
– Making proper improvement targets
– Finding the True Root Cause

Developing the Mindset and Practice of Experimentation

Be inspired to adopt the 2 secrets of all great thinkers: Ideation and Try-Out

– Introduction to the Experimental Mindset
– The dangers of Jumping to Solutions (and how to avoid)
– Methods and Tools for Quick and Simple Try-Out of proposed solutions
– Team Simulation Game part 2
– Debrief and overall Lessons Learned from the Simulation Game and course

John Hamalian

John Hamalian

John S. Hamalian has over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell, specializing in Lean Thinking, Management, Business Improvement, Strategy and Organizational Development. With assignments based in the USA, China, Germany, Korea, India and Singapore, culminating in 2 Asia-Pacific Regional Director positions, John thrives in global and culturally-diverse environments. He is an adjunct lecturer at various universities; a published writer on Lean Management, Leadership, Strategy and Asian culture; and an active speaker at…

The course has been extremely useful in building my understanding for Power BI. Will be handy for my day-to-day work.
Tan Kok Joo, Director
Mind-blowing professional training course that helped my team with techniques to structure/plan a good presentations before diving into it.
Valerie Lee, Head, Corporate Development
This training broaden my view on what value I can contribute to my company and the goals I need to set. Thank you.
Vony AgustianaKhristanti, Purchasing Officer
A great course that is well-structured and relevant to my work. Definitely opened my eyes to new and better ways of analysis data!
Crystal Lee, Marketing Manager
Relevant and insightful and know-how for engaging audience effectively. I like the pace of the course coupled with plenty of hands-on exercises
Daniel Ch’ng, Project Director
Great 2 days lesson to learn how to fully manipulate Powerpoint and see the application in a different light.
Melvin Kwong, Account Manager