Michael Nielsen

Associate trainer

Michael is an experienced manager having lived in various Asian countries including India, China and Singapore. He has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies as well as set up his own companies in Hong Kong, Denmark and Singapore.

During the last ten years, Michael has obtained significant insight to general management, having held senior positions in Logistics, Commercial and HR divisions. The diversity of his career has given him among others strong communication skills. He utilizes this skill and key understanding of the strategic position of the company to enable value capturing from source to point of use. The success of a good harvest lies in planting the right seed.

His ability to connect the dots enables him to identify where most value can be created. Even though procurement has always been seen as ‘the cost cutter’, he believes that strategic relationships with suppliers create a sustainable competitive edge. Michael is passionate in personal development not only for himself but others to ensure value is created from and around him.

Michael holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD as well as one from Tsinghua University which both have given him a strong theoretical toolbox in regards to finance and strategy. Michael completed his undergraduate degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

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