When was the last time you went to a training provider and got a small red packet of money and a digital camera and told to go catch a cab and run around Singapore whilst taking pictures? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get if you come to our Service Innovation course. Looking for ways to enrich service at key touch points in your customer journey and then presenting them back in the training environment later.

Good hands-on exercise to allow us to appreciate the concepts better.

(Ms Cindy Soh, from Nanyang Polytechnic said this about her experiences on the course)

With training models and business practicality at the forefront of our minds, we aim to create value in our programmes by offering unique experiences that bring programme content to life. Our trainers provide a wealth of knowledge in their subjects and offer unique ways to engage participants. We believe training should not just be ‘feel-good’ but provide concrete tools and techniques that can equip individuals to better develop themselves, facilitate solutions to problems by themselves and be given a broader view of global business best practices and new ideas.

Now, not all courses are conducted outside the training room of course but still offer some interesting new perspectives. Take project management for example participants are tasked to construct a tower in their groups by executing the skill sets within the course. All course group sizes are optimised to allow for a higher level of interaction and individual attention. Whilst our training courses may vary, the average size of our classes is between 9 and 20 participants. So how did participants find constructing the tower?

The Trainer uses practical examples to illustrate the components of project management

(Mr Anthony Yeo from Land Transport Authority shared his thoughts with us and said)

In our office application series of programmes, we go beyond what any normal IT course would do. Like many of our training programmes, we conduct pre-training analysis with questionnaires provided to participants before the start of the course. This enables us to better customise our programme to suit organisational or individual needs. In the office application courses like PowerPoint, our in-house version takes corporate slides from various divisions and reworks them in a way where all staff have the ability to better communicate their information while design engaging visuals.

Further, this course also provides almost 300 samples slides customised based on the corporate brand as a starting point for companies to build their own corporate PowerPoint library. In a unique segment of the industry, participants can get to see a sample of civil servant slides which tend to be heavy in text transformed into a more effective presentation.

Excellent delivery of the contents. Learnt a lot about powerpoint that I never thought would be possible. Simply amazing!

(As noted by Mr Ng Boon Haw from Ministry of Manpower)

Participants will receive a variety of course materials that include properly-written participant workbooks, not just PowerPoint printouts. Dependent and appropriate to the context of the course, our trainers will use a mixture of role-play, case studies, application, video and self-analysis to bring out the best of the learning objectives.

One such course that has plenty to keep participants on their toes is Business Writing course. Here you’ll find participants from a wide international mix getting to write in modern English a variety of communication tools such as email and business reports.

The workshop was both enjoyable and worthwhile. My communications have instantly improved. The course exceeded my expectations.

(Ms Noura Ramdzan from Halliburton Singapore said about the course)

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