Powerpoint Design For Business Presentations (2016/365 version)
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  • 2days
  • Advanced Level

About this course

Whether your delivering the presentation or preparing it for others, the use of PowerPoint has become one the most ubiquitous tools in business. And still, so few of us have learned the depth and full range of its capability to creating truly stunning, engaging or compelling presentation decks.

Going beyond just clicking buttons and learning the functions this course will introduce you to using PowerPoint in the context of your job role; and showcase its full potential. Whether its designing icons, creating compelling content, using 3D models, or using video and animation to showcase concepts to clients or management.

Participants will be fully versed with the depth of PowerPoint by the end of this course and ready to develop new and effective business slide decks. Participants will also be shown best practices from other companies and some of the available free tools should they wish to explore outside of PowerPoint. These tools are online (and free of copyright/ fees/ registration) and serve as helpful productivity apps.

Who is this course for?

Anyone in business who does a presentation or uses PowerPoint to aid in their work.

This is an Intermediate-Advanced Level course. Participants must have a good working knowledge of the MS PowerPoint environment.

This course will be running and taught based on the PC Windows software and not Mac versions. (All Laptops and materials will be provided)

*Important disclaimer for participants attending the 2016 version:
Participants are encouraged to inquire which version they have at work to realise which features may, or may not, be present on their work-based application.

Look at the FILE tab and search for ACCOUNT. It will either highlight ‘PRODUCT ACTIVATED’ or ‘SUBSCRIPTION’. Product Activated applications are typically a one-time purchase license and will not carry the same updated features as the Subscription versions. Companies may vary in polices of software purchase depending on the suitability of products. Subscription versions tend to be continually updated

As an example of one the features not available in the Product Activated version is the Morph Transition. Impress Training will be using the Subscription version for training purposes.

  • 16-17 Mar 2020
  • 23-24 Mar 2020  (KL-Malaysia)
  • 23-24 Apr 2020
  • 18-19 May 2020
  • 18-19 Jun 2020
  • 20-21 Jul 2020
  • *SDF for all companies
Day 1

Learn how PowerPoint can be a productive and cost saving application when applied with the right resources; such as media libraries platforms and pre-made information decks. Lastly, get a glimpse to the science behind effective presentations, with an emphasis on slide deck design and structure.

New to 2016 version

These new tools will be incorporated into the training topics of this course in addition to acquiring skills beyond the basic/ intermediate functionality. These include: Screen Recording, Smart Look-ups and the *Morph Transition.

Image Design

Participants will learn picture and artistic effects and the effortless way in which they can be applied to their images and text. This topic is intended to give a broad overview of the toolset with an eye to learning a range of styles, effects and how using combinations of these can create thrilling new visuals or keep them within the context of the organisations brand ethos.

Shape Design: Icons, Diagrams & 3d Models

The staple of most presentations is the employment of shapes to create diagrams, process charts, icons and models. Participants will learn how to use Merge Shape functionality to create different styles of icons, from Silhouette to flat designs – without any skills required for being a graphic designer. 3D models are a stunning feature to include when showing concepts to clients and management by incorporating them into images and video, or even just stand-alone models. Participants will understand the rules to producing more complex models and will produce simple IT-network models and real-word objects.

Video Design

As companies move slowly away from text-heavy slides, video is becoming more prominent and an engaging feature to add in to presentations. Participants will be shown how using video can enhance the effectiveness of presentations messages. Including Embedding, formatting, trimming, bookmarking and editing of video.

Day 2
Corporate Design: Templates, Layouts and Reports

Many presentations often look thrown together without baring much resemblance to the organisations they represent. Whilst most companies already have a corporate template, many do not employ layouts to speed up their work and standardise the design based on established brand guidelines. Participants will learn to build templates, layouts and common information slides to make their work more productive. This includes providing alternatives to just printing slides as reports by building proper notes pages and menu-based pdf documents.

Content: Assertion-Evidence, Infographics and Charts

Ubiquitous to business slides decks is the use of text-heavy content. Participants will learn a more methodical technique of developing content. Writing the summary of each slide as its tagline and using the body of the slide to provide supporting evidence. Empirical evidence has stated that this Assertion-Evidence model is effective and will be taught in this training. Infographics and charts will also be featured as another way to express content in a more engaging and detailed form. Participants will be hands-on in making-over bad or poorer written slides using the techniques learned.

Morph Transition Animation

Of the more amazing effects to come to PowerPoint, this latest effect makes it easy to create fluid animation rather than stitching the individual animations together in a sequence. Move and zoom effortlessly your images, forms, and layouts in a professional manner. More-over, with the incorporation of 3D models (in the subscription versions) can add yet another amazing dimension to your presentations.


About Mark James Normand

Mark co- founded Impress Training in 2007 with the vision to raise the quality of training programmes that focused on tomorrow’s business needs and raising productivity with existing skills. As a boutique training company, Impress training has the flexibility to constantly take advantage of new office technologies, innovative service models, and sourcing for game-changing talent.

Impress Training has since evolved into a training company with a reputation for delivering high quality training content with practical emphasis. This has allowed the company to be recognised for generating innovative insights and solutions that have yielded our 2013 Most Promising SME awarded by Small Medium Business Association and winner of the Gold Award for Best IT Training provider in 2015 by Human Resources Magazine. Evident is his passion for subjects like this and is clearly seen in the value that participants demonstrate in their use of materials and methods taught in his workshops.

Has worked in areas of Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Business Development, Education, and Corporate Training. He holds an Honours degree in Business Studies and Information Technology, held judging positions for global PowerPoint competitions, written eBooks and is now moving on to mobile content publishing as an indicator to the future of learning. Training takes Mark around the world, and always one looking for something new, he now has business development projects back in the UK.

He has trained medium-sized and multinational companies at different levels of management, from C-Level to Executives. Including companies such as IDC, Coca-Cola, Rhode & Schwarz, AIG, SingTel, OCBC Bank, ZF Asia Pacific, Kongsberg Maritime, PSA Corporation, Sampoerna Organisation, ST Electronics, NCS, various Government Ministries and Agencies and many more.


The one and only powerpoint design course that you have to attend.

Desmond Quek, Manager, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Excellent course! Never knew PowerPoint could do so much! It's like photoshop in PowerPoint!

Zhang Jiawei, Financial Analyst, International SOS Pte Ltd

Best training ever! Mark have awesome knowledge on powerpoint that practically he can create anything, you ever need for business and marketing.

Soon Chee Kwang, Director, InTrack Market Services Sdn Bhd

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