course-icon-1 What is this course about?

This latest version of PowerPoint will always be continually updated due to the nature of the subscription model – always first to receive the latest updates to Office applications.

Now with even more design features, the 365 versions allow the business presentations of the future to take PowerPoint slide decks to new levels never before seen. Creating almost agency-like quality in their animation but time-to-create now just simply clicking.

Participants will go beyond just clicking buttons and learning the basic functions this course will introduce you to using PowerPoint in the context of your job role; and showcase its full potential. Whether its designing icons, creating compelling content, using 3D models, or using video and animation to showcase concepts to clients or management.

With 3-days, participants can truly learn the full depth of PowerPoint and it’s capabilities, sometimes not possible in shorter durations. By the end of this course you would be ready to develop new and effective business slide decks.

Who is this course for?

Anyone in business who does a presentation or uses PowerPoint to aid in their work. Whether it’s to inform, sell, market, demo, train or influence in a business environment. These include a wide variety of persons ranging from IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product, HR, Business Development and Management, Finance, and more.

This is an Intermediate-Advanced Level course. Participants must have a good working knowledge of the MS PowerPoint environment.


  • All Laptops and materials will be provided
  • This course will be running and taught based on the PC Windows subscription application and not Mac versions.
  • *Always ensure the latest updated version from online
  • Must have internet connection for some functions and features.
  • For more information regarding the differences between the office versions click here.

What will I learn?


New to Office 356 Subscription versions

Due to the nature of this version of Office, there will always be continual updates, and this course is always at the forefront of equipping participants with the latest features. These new tools will be incorporated into the training topics of this course in addition to acquiring skills beyond the basic/ intermediate functionality. These include: Morph Transitions and Animation, Icons, .SVG files, Zoom, Screen Recording, Draw and Ink functions and later, the 3D Sketch-up model incorporation.


Participants will view best practices in organisations when PowerPoint is used as an effective tool to create better business documentation. Learn how PowerPoint can be a productive and cost saving application when applied with the right resources from a corporate and individual perspective. Using platforms, media libraries and pre-made information decks, organisations can improve the time and cost that employees spend creating slide decks. 

Image Design

As business presentations become more visual, the use of images effects, insertion and correction to meet brand guidelines becomes more important. Participants will learn a range of styles, effects and how using combinations of these can create thrilling new visuals or keep them within the context of the organisations brand ethos.

Shape Design: Icons, Diagrams

The staple of most presentations is the employment of shapes to create diagrams, process charts, icons and models. Participants will learn how to use Merge Shape functionality to create different styles of icons, from Silhouette to flat designs – without any skills required for being a graphic designer.

Advanced 3D Modelling

3D models are a stunning feature to include when showing concepts to clients and management by incorporating them into images and video, or even just stand-alone models. Participants will understand the rules to producing more complex models and will produce simple IT-network models to real-world objects.

Morph Transition Animation

Of the more amazing effects to come to PowerPoint, this latest effect makes it easy to create fluid animation rather than stitching the individual animations together in a sequence. Move and zoom effortlessly your images, forms, and layouts in a professional manner. More-over, it can move your PowerPoint-build 3D models in a seamless rotation – which will be later added with the insertion/ incorporation of 3D Sketch-up ™ models.



Video Design

As companies move slowly away from text-heavy slides, video is becoming more prominent and an engaging feature to add in to presentations. Participants will learn to apply different effects to video and how it can be incorporated with animations and simple object-tracking to make them even more unique. Saving video in high quality has never been easier because comes in Full HD.

Draw, Ink and Screen recording

For presenters or those just having working meetings, the ink and draw functions in PowerPoint better enable those to create and make use of whiteboard-type functionality. In addition, the inclusion of screen recording allows for video tutorials or sharing of information to be more collaborative. Insert new Recording tabs to better select the various tools available such as building quizzes directly in your slides.

Content: Assertion-Evidence, Infographics and Charts

Escaping from bullet-point heavy slides is still difficult even today if you haven’t been taught correctly to write content for presentation material (which is different to writing for reports). Participants will learn a key methodology for producing content using the Assertion-Evidence model. These produce clearer messages (rather than title-labels) with supporting analysis. Beyond this, participants will be provided guidelines to create business infographics and practice developing their own. And lastly, understanding charts will provide a brief glimpse in to the importance of selecting the right chart-type of r the right data type.

Online Presentations and Collaborations

When everything is about being mobile and touch – this gives the ability to host online presentations, work on collaborative documents.



Other 365 Quick Functions

This will be a continual update to the course based of the monthly releases from Microsoft. 

Advanced Animation

Often overlooked in business because of misuse, animation is superb for showing simulations, processes or controlling the flow of information to audiences. Participants will be guided through the rules of motion path use, putting sequences together and trick animations often employed in more complex demonstrations of technology products and services.

Corporate Design: Templates, Layouts and Reports

Many presentations often look thrown together without baring much resemblance to the organisations they represent. Whilst most companies already have a corporate template, many do not employ layouts to speed up their work and standardise the design based on established brand guidelines. Participants will learn to build templates, layouts and common information slides to make their work more productive. This includes providing alternatives to just printing slides as reports by building proper notes pages and menu-based pdf documents.

Design for Touch Screens: Zoom and Hyperlinks

The business workplace has changed and so have the devices we use to work in them. Many today have touch enabled devices and so the its only fitting to begin to design content more suited to an interactive environment. Not all slides decks are delivered. Some are given as reports, kiosk demos, media kits, etc. These allow for non-linear presentations or for more 1:1 viewing of the content. Participants will learn how the Zoom and Hyperlink functions will create totally new experiences for their audiences.


Unique to this Course
• 500+ Sample slides and other Materials
• 300+ Sample Icons
• After Course Support
• In-house versions of this course are 100% Designed and Customised based on your company brand guidelines and scope of work

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