Power BI for Beginners (VIRTUAL LIVE-STREAM)
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  • 1-day
  • Basic Level

Important Notice for Virtual IT Application Delivery
• Virtual delivery of application courses can be difficult for learners to follow. If they only have a single device using the monitor for one-half IT application, and the Zoom broadcast on the other; will it challenging to both view and practice at the same time.
We strongly recommend that potential leaners have two devices: one to watch from, the other to practice from.
• Some working knowledge of Zoom and basic IT skills is preferred for these types of courses.
• For further information please either: click on this Quick Checklist, or click on the eGuide, or contact us.

About this Virtual Live-Stream Course

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to work with and analyze data and work with business cases using Microsoft Power BI. This course will allow participants to use Power BI Desktop to connect to various data sources, shape the data, and use data models to create reports. Through this Power BI course, participants can learn that Power BI Desktop centralizes, simplifies, and streamlines what can otherwise be a scattered, disconnected, and arduous process of designing and creating business intelligence repositories and reports.

Upon confirmation, participants can sign on to our unique integrated learning platform. The course will consist of two distinct parts:

Live-stream broadcast: 1 day of highly practical exercise

Full Online: self-directed material to go through in your own time accessible for 30 days.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to create professional dashboards and reports for their organization as well as to analyze data and derive insights.

No prior PowerBI experience is required to take this Beginner Level Course. Having of some basic knowledge of Excel. charts and graphs would be an added advantage for you.

Important Technical Pre-requisites
• It might seem obvious, but you will need Internet access.
• You need to have Zoom installed.
• This course will be running and taught based on the PC Windows software.
This is NOT the Mac version. Check before signing up on compatibility differences from the appropriate vendor sites.
• You are required to installed the latest version of Power BI desktop on your laptop. You should sign-up for Power BI and have an active Power BI account to use for the course.

Please check the Course eBrochure and eGuides for more information regarding the technical pre-requisites



  • 15-15 Jul 2020
  • 26-26 Aug 2020
  • 02-02 Dec 2020
  • *SDF for all companies
AM Session
Introduction to Data Visualization and Power BI

Power BI is a tool which is widely used for data visualizations, storytelling and analytics. This module takes you through the journey of how it all began and what constitutes analytics and business intelligence along with the strength of how Power BI bridges the gap between users and business insights.

Importing and Shaping Data

Before using any tool for data visualization and analytics, it is important to be data literate, understand the nature of the data, what the data consists of and also defining the format of the data to make it suitable for analytics. Along with the above, we need to ensure that the business case is well defined. We will go through how the above can be ensured as part of this module.

Visualizations and Visual Interactions

In this module, we will first understand what are the different types of possible visualizations and the business insights that could potentially be obtained from each type of chart/graph. It is important to understand what each visualization signifies in order to make the right choice while building a report/dashboard.

PM Session
Working with Filters

While working with data and visualizations, it is very important to be able to narrow down what you see to make information easier to decipher. Filtering is an operation which helps you do that. This section deals with all possible and right ways to apply filters to data.

Building Reports with Advanced Visualizations

There could be cases where users would require plotting multiple dimensions in a visualization. For such cases we would need to look towards more advanced visualizations. This module covers some of those visualizations and how one can choose the right visualization when needs to be plotted.

In order to present our findings, we need to put everything together to form meaningful visualizations which can give us valid and important business insights. This section deals with how we can put various visualizations together to form a report.


About Gouri Choudhury

Gouri Choudhury has more than 4 years of working experience in a multinational Insurance consulting company. She has been part of the Research and Analytics wing of the Global Sales and Marketing team and was responsible for predictive modelling and analysis of revenue data for products and services of the company including building of interactive reports and dashboards using Tableau/PowerBI and creating machine learning models on Python. The reports and analysis greatly helped the marketing team to identify opportunities across various markets. She is currently working as a Data Science Consultant in Singapore.

She has completed her education including her Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree from the University of Calcutta majoring in Economics with minors in Statistics and Mathematics.

She has a great zeal and passion for business intelligence and data science and see herself as a Data Scientist having the potential to solve various problems faced by different industries.

Apart from her professional work, Gouri also has a passion for traveling, photography and writing.


I have improved my Power BI tool skills and have deeper understanding of data analytics

Michael Tan, Business Development Manager

Well structured, straight to the point, gives an overview for beginners in PowerBI

Mary Ho, Executive Assistant

Simple and easy to follow presentation for absolute beginners

Adrian Lim, Sales Executive

Unique to this Course

Video Tutorial – Before and after class

Case Study – To practice after class

Free Power BI Resources – Shortcut keys, sample charts

30-day Access to Online Platform