What is this course about?

Are you keen on ‘greening up’ your business but would like to get moving, change in small or big ways, and also get your team on board?

Your company has a responsibility to reduce its carbon emissions!

Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. Individuals are also become more conscious and sensitive that they make on the environment.

This one day course helps your business plan for high price energy markets and environmental demands. It also helps you to do your bit to help the environment, which will demonstrate your sensitivity to environmental responsibility. Learn how individuals, corporate business, government bodies and charitable organisations are responding to environmental challenges, and the ‘carbon footprint’ agenda.

Benefits to your business:

  • A thorough understanding of how to calculate your carbon footprint
  • The ability to report on your carbon footprint with confidence in its integrity and robustness
  • Identification of opportunities within your business for carbon reduction activities and carbon management strategies
  • Provides the business case, the tools and techniques to mobilise senior management and motivate colleagues and subordinates



Quick Tip

Build internal design capabilities within the marketing department so that issues like digital signage and corporate visuals can be built and displayed throughout the organisation. With the use of Video, boring PowerPoint slides can be replaced by high-definition visuals more in-tune with professional creations.