Leading Team for Innovation
  • S$750
  • 2days

About this course

Managing team creativity and being a good leader don’t necessarily go hand in hand. This course is customized for team leaders who are required to contribute to organizational growth by harnessing creative input from their teams. The main objective of this course is to provide the participants with invaluable insights and enable them to enhance their managerial approach, skills and general ability to get the best and most innovative results from their teams.

The course includes confidential and objective online testing of the relevant managerial competencies involved. Tapping on case studies, discussion, role plays and storytelling, the course will provide strategies on how to get the teams & individuals to successfully change and become more creatively productive.

At the end of the course, participants will learn how to:

  • Foster an innovative team culture and environment
  • Use recommended frameworks for generating new ideas
  • Map significant barriers to innovations within your organization, field, or industry
  • Consider how the organizational factors foster (or inhibit) innovation
  • Identify recommended best practices for fostering innovation


Who is this course for?

This course will have broad appeal for anyone working in an organizational setting who has the ability to influence teams and drive organizational results. Managers, supervisors and department heads who would like to leverage the field of Innovation and acquire the skills to immediately drive the creativity of those around them.

  • 28-01 Feb 2019
  • 17-18 Jun 2019
  • 24-25 Oct 2019
  • *SDF for all companies
Day 1
Introduction to Creativity and Innovation and their implications for teams and companies.
  • The connection between creativity and Innovation
  • The complexity of the field of Innovation
  • Innovation misperceptions and ‘un-truths’
Introduction and Review of Leadership Competency Model
  • Understand organizational curiosity
  • Understanding factors restricting creativity in teams
  • Gain insight into their personal ability to lead creatively
Creating an optimal environment to support creativity (Session #1)
  • Create the best environment to stimulate teams before meetings.
  • Understand the first four competencies
  • Apply Provocative and Disruptive Questions
Finding inspiration for new ideas
  • Discover benefits of Analogical thinking and discuss case studies
  • Learn 360’ Method
  • Apply the first four competencies
Day 2
Creating an optimal environment to support creativity (Session #2)
  • Recap on Day 1 knowledge and skills
  • Create the best environment to stimulate teams before meetings.
  • Understand the 2nd four competencies
Finding new perspectives and applying leadership competencies
  • Use reframing tools to stimulate creative output.
  • Discuss case studies
  • Understand use of 2nd four competencies
Activating Creativity on ‘Paper’
  • Understand the use of Visual Literacy to stimulate creative output
  • Discuss case studies
  • Envision Ideal Manager of creativity in teams
  • Developing of implementation plan
Pulling it all together

Participants will build their strategies to enable them to implement the lessons they have learnt. A summary discussion of the competencies and toolbox of creative thinking methods will conclude the program.

About Grant Leibrandt

Grant has a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from SMU. He has been an Innovation Games™ practitioner since 2008, designed and run numerous interventions with companies of all sizes. Using Lego® Serious Play® techniques, he conducts Business Model and Service Innovation programs for companies. He is also a mentor for small businesses as part of Victoria’s SBMS, in Australia.

An experienced businessman and an entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience in managing his own businesses in the B-2-B services industry. His diverse skills come from being involved in all aspects of his companies as they grew and enable him to bring an entrepreneurial edge to any organization.

People describe him as an innovative thinker and inspiring leader. He has successfully designed and implemented various products in his own businesses, continuing to push the envelope in finding creative ways to add value to the services offered to clients in an extremely competitive environment.

His strengths lie in his client-centric approach and out-of-the-box thinking and passion for enabling growth in businesses.


With this course, we’ve learned to get our team to think more creatively and in different ways.

Ms Mary Tan, Managing Director

I have been able to take new learning and apply them the very next day at work.

Mr Joseph Ho, Head of Department

The Trainer, is knowledgeable, engaging, and insightful.

Mr Adrian Ho, Marketing Manager

Unique to this Course

Using real life scenarios exercises and case studies

Customisable course contents for in-house training to suit your business needs

Free innovation materials and resources

After Course support