Innovation In The Workplace
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  • 2days

About this course

This course was designed for those needing to discover methods to creatively contribute to the growth of companies. Participants will get insight into the world of local entrepreneurship and innovation and to apply those lessons to their own environment.

At the end of this program, participants will understand the innovation field and possess tools to stimulate divergent thinking. They will also understand the key influencers on the creative output of sessions directed at that divergent creative thinking.

Examples and insight into lessons from the world of creativity and innovation will be discussed. This background, combined with tools covered, will enable participants to immediately run more effective sessions and encourage novel solutions to be generated. The premise of the program revolves around incorporating creative tools as part of an innovation strategy.

These concepts are enhanced with carefully prepared case studies, role-plays and exercises to aid participants in their quest for optimum results in their future creative engagements.

Who is this course for?

Those wishing to upgrade their ability to contribute to the growth of their organizations and to assist in the generation of ideas using a variety of techniques. Managers, supervisors and department heads who would like to leverage the field of Innovation and acquire the skills to immediately drive the creativity of those around them.

  • 18-19 Jun 2018
  • 24-25 Sep 2018
  • 03-04 Dec 2018
  • *SDF for all companies
Day 1
Innovation Today, Invention versus Innovation and the Global Ecosystem

Initially we will define innovation and value creation. In Singapore, and worldwide, Innovation is a hot topic, as businesses strive to obtain every inch of competitive advantage. You will learn to understand the context and appreciate the importance of creating a platform for creativity in an Asian Context. We will discuss the measures that encourage innovation in the local ecosystem.

Lego® Serious Play ® will be incorporated throughout and the S-Play system will specifically be used to discuss barriers in this context.

Culture and team’s role in the Innovative process

Team and organizational culture is of utmost importance. You will gain insights into the contributing factors that influence culture and the importance of team make up and diversity.

Changing Mindsets

Primarily, as leaders, you are faced with pre-existing mindsets. You will learn to tackle limiting beliefs. Understand the importance of setting the right environment. We will discuss physical factors that act as catalysts.

The Iceberg- Analogical Thinking

We will delve into what has been the ‘root of all innovation’ and learn to apply related techniques.

Day 2
Trends in Innovation

We will open your eyes to the latest world-wide innovation trends and will discuss the practical application of Open Innovation, Crowd Sourcing and
Job Thinking.

Disruptive Questioning and Visual Thinking

In this session you will be equipped with awareness and tools to use this source of creative thinking that unlocks the mind. We will also be looking at how different types of visual thinking can be used to frame sessions and get everyone on the same page.

Creativity Killers

We will discuss the frequently committed mistakes when it comes to creating a conducive creative environment and not falling into these ‘pitfalls’.

Re-Framing and Intuitive Thinking

You will learn the concepts around taking a different perspective and learn to apply related techniques to generate novel ideas. You will understand strengths and weaknesses of using intuition as a basis for idea generation and decision making and the strengths or weaknesses thereof.

About Grant Leibrandt

This course was designed for those needing to discover methods to creatively contribute to the growth of companies. Lego® Serious Play ® methodology will be used throughout the program and participants will become acquainted with its application.

An experienced businessman and an entrepreneur with 16 years’ experience in managing his own businesses in the B-2-B services industry. His diverse skills come from being involved in all aspects of his companies as they grew and enable him to bring an entrepreneurial edge to any organization.

People describe him as an innovative thinker and inspiring leader. He has successfully designed and implemented various products in his own businesses, continuing to push the envelope in finding creative ways to add value to the services offered to clients in an extremely competitive environment.

His strengths lie in his client-centric approach and out-of-the-box thinking and passion for enabling growth in businesses.


With this course, we’ve learned to think creatively different way.

Ms Mary Tan, Managing Director

I have been able to take new learning and apply them the very next day at work.

Mr Joseph Ho, Head of Department

The Trainer, is knowledgeable, engaging, and insightful.

Mr Adrian Ho, Marketing Manager

Unique to this Course

Using real life scenarios exercises and case studies

Customisable course contents for in-house training to suit your business needs

Free innovation materials and resources

After Course support