First-Time Manager
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  • 2-days

About this course

This course aims to equip first-time managers with practical tools and techniques in management. As a manager, you will find yourself not only accountable for yourself, but responsible for the management of others as well.  Should you come across as friendly and approachable, but risk your subordinates taking advantage of your good nature? Or should you keep your distance and let them know whose boss?

To be a competent manager, you have to be effective in various management functions. These include communication, planning, team building, handling conflict, decision making, managing performance and coaching others.  You also need to adopt a systematic approach towards managing people.

Through this course, you will have instant access to best practices and techniques of management.  In addition, by working with other new managers participating in this course, you will get a unique opportunity to sharpen your managerial skills, update your knowledge and gain valuable insights into everyday management challenges.

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed and catered to newly appointed supervisors and managers with less than 3 years of managerial experience.

  • 31-31 Jul 2019
  • 30-30 Sep 2019
  • *For In-house Training only
AM Session
Communication and Goal Setting

Use Effective Communications with your direct reports and develop clear measurements for success.

  • Learn what should be communicated to staff and its benefits.
  • Identify the various communication methods that should be used in a corporate environment and how to apply them.
  • Practice how to set clear and well-defined goals.
  • Be aware of the dos and don’ts of effective performance reviews.
New Managers Mistakes and Pitfalls

Learn to size up common errors and potential pitfalls of new Managers.

  • Have knowledge of common first-time manager communication mistakes.
  • Identify typical first-time manager mistakes when conducting performance reviews.
  • Practice techniques on how to overcome first-time manager mistakes when it comes to team building.
  • Learn how to spot and overcome common mistakes in goal setting that are often committed by first-time managers.


PM Session
Time Management and Empowerment
  • Use templates for working schedules and to delegate tasks to direct reports
  • Be aware of the potential pitfalls of time management and learn how to overcome them
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks while maximizing efficiency
  • Practice how to delegate tasks effectively, so as to free up valuable time for strategic initiatives
  • Have knowledge of how to delegate tasks to staff, even for those who are resistant to taking on additional responsibilities
Motivation and Coaching

Inspire and motivate others whilst mentoring others and providing work challenges and enrichment.

  • Find out what motivates your staff for better employee engagement.
  • Identify root causes of demotivation and learn how to overcome them.
  • Identify skill gaps so as to coach team members for success.
  • Learn how to conduct an effective coaching session


About Michael Nielsen

Michael is an experienced manager having lived in various Asian countries including India, China and Singapore. He has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies as well as set up his own companies in Hong Kong, Denmark and Singapore.

During the last ten years, Michael has obtained significant insight to general management, having held senior positions in Logistics, Commercial and HR divisions. The diversity of his career has given him among others strong communication skills. He utilizes this skill and key understanding of the strategic position of the company to enable value capturing from source to point of use. The success of a good harvest lies in planting the right seed.

His ability to connect the dots enables him to identify where most value can be created. Even though procurement has always been seen as ‘the cost cutter’, he believes that strategic relationships with suppliers create a sustainable competitive edge. Michael is passionate in personal development not only for himself but others to ensure value is created from and around him.

Michael holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD as well as one from Tsinghua University which both have given him a strong theoretical toolbox in regards to finance and strategy. Michael completed his undergraduate degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.


Good overall view of how to perform and function as a successful manager. Many life and practical examples and case studies.

Tiew Chong Ren Simon, Section Manager, Linxens Singapore Pte Ltd

Very good course to refresh and be ready for the role of new manager

Chaiyot Rawekchom, Sales Manager, Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte Ltd

This course is well organized and executed

Angara Raghu Chandra, Manager, Magnequench Neo Powders Pte Ltd

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