course-icon-1 What is this course about?

Overview– Changing the way organisations behave to improve the customer experience they deliver is one of industry’s toughest challenges. This course is crammed with practical advice to help you improve the customer experience in your organisation.

Benefits to you and your company – Your organisation will be able to apply proven techniques that will sharpen brand strategy, streamline service delivery, strengthen teamwork, improve communication and draw people together behind a common vision. The ultimate goal is a more competitive operation and improved return on investment.

Learning outcomes

  • How to ensure your brand strategy delivers real commercial gains.
  • Assess the financial and operational implications of your brand strategy.
  • Win board level support and sustained investment.
  • Model the customer journey and identify ’make or break’ touch points.
  • Assess ‘organisational fitness’ and performance gaps’.
  • Develop a language for change that will get everyone talking.
  • Overcome departmental resistance and internal politics.
  • How to prepare a properly resourced change management plan.
  • Prepare a customer plan to align departments behind agreed priorities.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for executives and managers in service organisations where the delivery of a consistently strong customer experience is critical to success. The course will enable executives, managers, brand and product managers, and operations and HR managers working in service-led environments to lead change and improve the customer experience in their organisation.

What will I learn?

Core Content

The emphasis will be on providing delegates with the confidence and skills to lead their organisation in developing an integrated strategic approach to customer experience management. The course will provide delegates with a methodology for addressing the customer experience strategy challenge. Becoming customer centric requires developing an outside-in perspective across the organisation, so a good deal of discussion will be centred on how managers can gain lead change within their organisation.

Key Benefits

You will:

  • Learn from leading experts on customer experience strategy and insight
  • Gain effective techniques for bringing the voice of the customer into the organisation
  • Learn new tools for unpacking value in the customer journey
  • Leave with a clear methodology for improving your organisation’s customer-centricity across multiple channels
  • Gain skills to achieve multi-departmental commitment to the customer experience strategy
  • Develop the confidence to lead the customer experience strategy in your organisation.
  • Build a peer and expert network to support your customer experience strategy in the future.

The programme will include the following sessions:

  • Setting the strategic direction
  • Unpacking customer value
  • Bringing the voice of the customer into the business
  • Designing the customer journey
  • Creating a customer-centric organisation
  • Delivering change.

To manage the customer experience, companies need to create a strategy that encompasses all customer touch points across the organization.

The course is balanced between classroom learning and ‘in service environment’ learning, as 50% of the course is held outside the training room and in real life environments, which can provide participants with a totally ‘unique training experience’.

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