course-icon-1 What is this course about?

Have you ever felt the need to choose between writing well and writing fast at work? The ability to put your ideas across accurately and effectively in writing is an important communication skill for every business executive. Sometimes the only exposure you may have to higher management is through your writing. If your email and letters are clear and forceful, they convey an impression of you with a well-organized mind, a person who knows exactly what is needed and how to make it happen. Messages that are vague, disjointed and weak may compromise your chance of being promoted and can tarnish your professional reputation.

Regardless of how seldom you need to express your ideas in writing, you should acquire and develop the skill to do it well. However the ability to write clearly and understandably does not always come naturally.

This 2-day practical workshop is designed to empower you to write for the results you want in the shortest amount of time through a simple, step-by-step approach based on the fundamentals of business writing.

Upon successful completion of this highly hands-on workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of business writing
  • Write in a professional way your readers expect you to
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes in email writing
  • write in a courteous and complete manner that satisfy your reader
  • create messages that are clear and concise therefore easy to understand
  • say what you have to say in fewer words without compromising on quality
  • save time and expense for both sender and receiver
  • be ready to further develop your writing skills for more specialized documents
  • gain greater confidence by becoming more convincing, credible and effective in your communication

Who is this course for?

This Business professionals at all levels (e.g. Administrative, Operations staff, Officers,  Executives, Managers and Secretariat staff) who want a quick and easy approach to effective business writing.

What will I learn?



  • The importance of effective business writing skills
  • Common errors to avoid in business writing
  • Defining the purpose of your message

Avoid making assumptions

  • Choose concrete and familiar words
  • Beware of obsolete and flowery language
  • Put action in your verb

Writing concisely 

  • Eliminate redundant and wordy expressions that are tiresome to read
  • Include only the relevant information
  • Avoid unnecessary repetitions

Foster good relationships with your internal and external customers

  • Writing with a ‘YOU’ attitude
  • Be empathic, sincere, tactful and thoughtful
  • Understand what is proper email etiquette

Correctness beyond proper grammar

  • Learn to do proper content editing
  • Choose the correct choice of words and phrases
  • Maintain acceptable writing mechanics



Building rapport with your reader

  • How to empathize with your customers
  • Build trust and relationship through your writing
  • Improve your credibility through your style of writing

Format in business writing

  • How to write proper subject lines
  • Improve readability for your audience
  • Use approriate sentence structure and paragraphs

Correct writing style

  • Writing Up
  • Writing Across
  • Writing Down

Handle Difficult Messages

  • Learn to deliver negative news without offending your reader
  • Using buffer statements
  • Inspire a positive tone in your message

Ensure Completeness 

  • Provide only the necessary information your reader needs
  • How to tend to all the queries when you do not have all the answers
  • Go the extra mile!
Quick Tip

In business writing, we write to express, not to impress. In general, we want to get to the point quickly, clearly and respectfully. An effective business message is one that will inspire the desired response we want from the reader in a timely fashion.