course-icon-1 What is this course about?

Leaving marketing solely in the hands of the marketing department is no longer an option. The days where spending money and resources on just generating interest or creating awareness are gone. What any business requires in today’s context is a road map as to how to be able to better reach out to their target audience, to keep them engaged and to ultimately make them buy.

This course aims to equip sales professionals with the fundamental know-how on how to create their own B2B marketing programmes and at the same time enable such individuals to create effective programmes that are aligned to the needs of the business. You will be taught how to build a series of tools which can be used immediately after the workshop.

To be a competent and successful sales professional, you have to be effective in various marketing functions. These include generating opportunities, planning and executing seminars and even putting together your own customer promotions.  You also need to be able to develop your own marketing plan.

Through this course, you will have instant access to best practices and techniques of marketing which has been designed by sales, for sales.  In addition, by working with other sales professionals in this course, you will get a unique opportunity to sharpen your marketing skills, update your knowledge and gain valuable insights into everyday marketing challenges which you will now have influence over and will no longer leave solely in the hands of the marketing department.

person Who is this course for?

This course is specially targeted at sales professionals who would like to combine marketing techniques with their sales activities so as to achieve greater sales effectiveness

learn What will I learn?

Overview of Marketing in the Sales Context

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a modern sales professional in the context of marketing and learn how to market the way customers want to buy..

Generating New Opportunities & Keeping Them Engaged

Learn how to tailor your opportunity generating strategies to increase your response rates and design a customer engagement plan to keep your customers “warm.

Planning & Executing An Event

Learn how to plan and execute a seminar and understand what metrics to use for gauging the success of your event

Designing & Executing Your Own Customer Promotions

Learn about common mistakes around designing customer promotions and learn what it takes to make a customer promotion successful.

Putting Together Your Marketing Plan

Learn about the common pitfalls of most marketing plans and create a blue print for you to design and create your own marketing plan.

Quick Tip

When faced with a situation where the leads you have been following up are ready for closing, many seasoned sales professionals get so caught up with the excitement of closing that they neglect to create new prospects. Just setting aside around 30 minutes of your time per day towards creating a healthy pipeline of leads can spell the difference between a successful sales person and a poor performer.