Actionable Digital and Social Marketing for Managers
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About this course

“Build and measure your digital marketing efforts with confidence”

Digital and social marketing has become the mainstay of most organisation’s marketing functions. 2019 marks a watershed year, with global digital advertising spend crossing the 50% mark against total advertising spend worldwide[1], for the first time, and with countries like China already reaching nearly 70% in digital’s share of advertising spend. Digital marketing today is as much an art and a science, with marketing automation coming of age and ROI tracking possibilities that were unheard of 10 years ago now becoming more commonplace.

Against this backdrop is an overall technology disruption across multiple sectors and occupations, forever changing the way some jobs are done, and in the meantime creating new opportunities.

While digital marketing has created new ways for brands and companies to reach their consumers, the myriad of channels, technologies and service providers can seem overwhelming to traditionally trained marketing managers, and non-marketing managers who need to deal with their marketing colleagues in new ways of engaging their customers.

In this 2 day workshop, participants will get an overview of the latest developments in digital marketing, de-mystify some of the common myths of digital and social marketing through case studies, and learn how to build a digital marketing plan that can be applied back at work, on ‘Monday morning’.


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at participants within B2B and B2C organisations, with a desire to better understand digital marketing planning processes, its components, and how to evaluate the plans’ effectiveness.

  • 28-29 Nov 2019
  • *SDF for all companies
Day 1
Digital Marketing – Where we are in 2019

Participants will be introduced to the digital marketing as a discipline and the latest developments

    De-mystifying Digital Marketing

    Participants will be guided into the biggest misconceptions about digital marketing, and learn about case studies which demonstrate successful digital marketing strategies.

      Digital Marketing Planning Framework

      Participants will be introduced to the basic components of a digital marketing plan, and how digital marketing process sits within an organisation’s sales, operations, and other business processes.

        Understanding the Audience – Part 1

        Participants will get a deeper dive into the first part of a digital and social marketing plan – understanding the audience, their journey, pain points and why this is the most critical piece of any digital plan.

          Understanding the Audience – Part 2

          Participants are guided into the next analysis, on where their defined audience are online, their behaviors, and what implications these may have on the next steps in the Digital plan. An overview of digital analysis tools will be covered here.

Day 2
Exploring marketing engagement for your organisation

Participants will be introduced to the digital marketing as a discipline and the latest developments

    Digital plan – Part 2
    Choosing the right channel

    Participants will work in their groups to select the most appropriate channels including Search, Ads, Social, and Content/Video, based on their audience analysis.

      Part 3 – Creating an executable plan

      Participants will work in their groups to develop a high level 12 month plan that has clear defined goals, audience targets, and channels.

        Part 4 – Measuring our plans

        Participants will be introduced to the common metrics for measuring digital marketing effectiveness, and how to target set.

          Action Plan

          Participants will reflect and share how they plan to apply their plans into their workplace Monday morning.

About James Ching

James has 17 years of international business management experience in both public and private sector. He is a results oriented marketing and sales leader with deep experience in Consumer and Brand Marketing, Digital and Integrated Marketing, Channel and Trade Marketing, International Business Development, and Key Account Management across different sectors (Consumer, Industrial, Government).

During his previous role with the Singapore Government, James was posted to New York City, and promoted Singapore exporter brands into the US market and helped promote Singapore as a launchpad for US companies.

James joined the LEGO Group in various roles in their Education business, including a 4 year stint in Beijing China, where he built the team from scratch and grew the business multiple fold. James’ final role was Marketing Director for Asia Pacific & Emerging Markets, and saw him relocate once again, this time to LEGO headquarters in Denmark. This role gave James the exposure across the broad spectrum of marketing – Trade, Brand, Product, and Digital.

Additionally, James also have experienced with the education Industry working on the broad education strategy, as well as digital products, brand activation events, and engaged with customers, parents to support the team’s marketing capacity development.

A self-confessed non-digital native but keen learner, James picked up digital marketing, teacher training, leadership, strategic marketing, cross cultural communication and other skills along the way as part of his work and always loves helping teams find new ways of delivering more value to their respective businesses.

James holds a degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. He is also a certified adult educator with the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). He is fluent in English and Mandarin. In private, James enjoys cooking, baking, keeping fit and the occasional performing arts events from time to time.


Fantastic course, very engaging and excellent facilitator.

Adam Chen, Marketing Manager

The course was exciting, energetic and practical with lots of case studies.

Simon Tan, Business Development Manager

Trainer have in-depth and vast knowledge in all aspects related to Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Christina Ho, SME Business Owner.

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