About Impress Training

At Impress Training, we take the guiding philosophy “Thinking Ahead” as a strategic approach to developing our business services. As a boutique training provider we believe that providing a few, sharply focused programmes can help deliver maximum impact to both companies and individuals. Over the years, we have refreshed our portfolio of courses and talent vigorously to ensure we keep pace with the needs of businesses and provide them insights to future ways of working. We were amongst the first in Singapore to introduce courses such as Carbon Foot-printing and Design Thinking. And our IT courses have provided to be unmatched in the market for depth of learning and showcasing elements rarely seen in these applications.

In 2012, just four years after our inception saw us opening our first training venue in Singapore and receiving the Promising SME 500 Award 2013. In 2017, we embarked on an upgrade of the training room facility to incorporate some of the latest training technologies such as the interactive large screens and reactions to our new training environment have been very exciting. We are very honoured to have won the Gold Award for the “Best IT Training Provider” categories of the Human Resources – HR Vendors Of The Year Award 2015.

We will continue to “think ahead”, to provide friendly and functional service matched with solutions to meet your both individual and corporate needs.

At A Glance

  • 2008Established
  • 18,000+Participants have attended
    our courses since 2008
  • 457Companies have trusted their
    learning journey with us
  • Top 3 Sectorsthat typically engage us are from Technology,
    Engineering and Manufacturing

What makes us different

Unique Courses

Our titles are reflective of business
needs with exclusive content

In-House Customisation

We deliver fully customised material
for our clients

Dedicated Training Facility

We have a purpose built training
room with the latest technology

Industry Professionals

Our trainers are seasoned managers,
business owners and working professionals

Friendly 1-to-1 Service

Friendly sales and customer service
and a dedicated Account Director

Exclusive, First-to-Market Courses

Since our inception we have strived to bring new titles to Singapore such as Carbon Footprinting

84″ Interactive 4K Touchscreen

Our trainers use the latest training
technology to best present modern material

Full-Colour Notes, not just slides

Course materials include properly-written
workbooks, not just PowerPoint printouts

Additional Materials

Dependant on course, our in-house
courses provide value-add free materials
such as video recordings, icons, before and
after slides and more

Experiential Learning

Dependant on course, our learning can
take you out of the classroom

Ambient Sounds & Scents

Our enviornment will subtly imbue you with
fragment aromas and natures sounds to relax
the learning mind

After-Course Contact

Our trainers are always at hand should
you need further assistance or resources


Our training approach

Interactive, engaging and informative.